Stacey has been singing since she was a child. Her passion for music began in New York at age 4, where she learned one of her first songs from a very famous television star, Kermit the Frog. He was right,┬áit’s not easy being green! Her toys included little child’s instruments, and she played them until they eventually broke. Encouraged by her parents and elementary school music teachers, she composed her first original song on a plastic recorder at age 7. Later that year, she also gave her first public performance, singing Barbra Streisand’s “Don’t Rain On My Parade” while sporting a little girl ponytail.

Growing up, she was close to her parents, and they had a great influence on her. Her parents loved music, and spent more than a few late nights at the Filmore East in NYC. Although Stacey was clearly too young to go, they also always had the radio on, and she sang along with her parents favorite music, which was 60’s rock. When the radio was off, she found it interesting that the music didn’t seem to stop for her, as there were always musical ideas streaming in her mind. Through her teens, she increasingly sought out any music with a talented vocalist she could learn from, gravitating towards the vocals of Pat Benatar, Steve Perry (Journey), Janis Joplin, Donna Summer, Aretha Franklin, Ann Wilson (Heart), Foreigner, David Coverdale (Whitesnake), and AC/DC.

In 1996, she moved to New England, bringing with her a unique vocal mix of technical proficiency with passionate emotion and projection. She continued to hone her vocal skills, studying voice at the renowned Jeannie Deva Voice Studios in Boston. Here, she gained some good vocal insights and began expanding her range and practicing to vocalists like Amy Lee (Evanescence) and Beth Hart. She met Silvio in the least likely of places, a cold windowless room in a random office building. When they learned of their shared love of music, they began writing together, and Midnight came to life. Currently, Stacey performs contemporary, classic, and progressive rock, pop, rhythm & blues, both live and in recording studios.