Silvio and Stacey began 'Midnight' as songwriting partners. While writing original music, they also began performing live as an acoustic rock duo. With the release of their CD 'Beautiful Pearl', they became anxious to be able to perform songs live as they were written. This would require a full band, so they began working with a variety of local and regional musicians. more about us..
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Like our songs? Want to help more? You can support Midnight Falling by purchasing our music! Our CD 'Beautiful Pearl' is now available for download or purchase from all your favorite sites.

To get a physical CD with all the cool liner notes, pictures, and other fun stuff, follow this link:
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Hi all ! We've uploaded a couple of new originals! And there's more on the way! Check out Midnight Falling, recorded LIVE:
Wow we're been busy! After months of hard work in the studio, we've got a slew of new songs for our next release!
We're starting the new year in the studio, busy working on our next release! The new songs are flowing!
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“Midnight Falling is a cutting-edge ambient progres-sive rock act based in New England. They perform original songs and popular contemporary cover music, both acoustically and as a full electric band.”
- John, New Hampshire
“Blending Silvio's innate multi-instrumental musical prowess with Stacey's soaring vocals, Sebastian's powerfully dynamic drums, and Keren's hypnotic basslines, they create songs that resonate deep into the foundation of your soul.”
- Kenneth, England
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